In our blog we will be teaching you how to care for your pool properly and how to choose the best pool for your property. The materials used are important and the only way to make an informed decision is to know the facts before settling for the first choice.

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The founder of CCC Pools & Lapas started this company 8 years ago and has done 100’s of swimming pool installations, He is a skilled builder and has mastered the art of designing swimming pools that suit the clients needs. 

Future Posts

Have you noticed that your pool is losing more water than usual? Are you having to refill your pool more than you used to? You might have a leak…. Stay tuned to find out more

What will you need to do to maintain my swimming pool and keep it from getting any cracks? 

How long should a swimming pool installation take?

Why does the pool pump not work?

What is better to build my swimming pool with – Marbelite or Fiberglass?

Some of the many questions we will be answering for you over the next few weeks, If you cant find what you need help with, leave us a comment below

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